Why Your Master’s Degree Should be ‘Made in Italy’

When you think about Italy, what are the first things that come to mind? Food, wine andfashion!

And those are not just clichés. The ‘Made in Italy’ stamp is a promise of quality. Italian craft, tradition, and attention to detail all guarantee excellence and value. So if food, wine and fashion are your things – how about studying in Italy?

The Italian tradition of quality is not to be underestimated. The culture of luxury stretches back over a thousand years, building to modern-day Italy’s €88bn fashion, textile, and accessories industry. Italians don’t see a divide between life and fashion: you are what you wear every bit as much as you are what you eat. Clothing and accessories define how a person interacts with the outside world, and how society perceives that person.

It’s no wonder that despite today’s global climate of mass production and print-on-demand, the wares of small and medium-sized Italian businesses are enjoying ever-greater international sales. And beyond bottom-line economics, Italian entrepreneurs and craftspeople are passionate about creating a sustainable model in which traditions and techniques that may be hundreds of years old are given a chance to thrive in the 21st century and continue to pass from generation to generation.

For today’s business student, then, there’s no better place than Italy to discover this quality and become a part of that vibrant industry. The only way to truly absorb a culture and its lessons is to learn on the spot, where the clothes you wear, the food you eat, and the language you hear and learn become inseparable elements of your education and personal development.

One institution, in particular, understands what students need from such an opportunity: Rome Business School. Graduates and fashion-focused professionals and entrepreneurs are among those who’ll benefit from the local networking and international perspective of the school’s Master in Fashion Management.

Rome’s Master in Food and Beverage Management is likewise a world-class degree programme, and is a dream opportunity for food and wine managers and hospitality consultants to learn from the best in the business, wherever in the world they intend to pursue their career.

The networking bonds you forge will be stronger and more meaningful for the shared experience and face-to-face interaction you enjoy. In fact, in Rome Business School students have the possibility to attend Company Visits, learn Italian and apply for International Internships. If you love Fashion and Food, you will be totally immersed in an incomparable training experience.

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