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A Guide to Ireland’s Capital

Dublin is known more for its great literature than its cinematic epics but the movies do offer a way of getting under the city’s cultural skin without having to give Ulysses another try. For many years Ireland and its capital have been home to a thriving film industry meaning there are plenty …

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UAE Travel Guide

Are you a traveller having UAE on your check list as the next country ? Or for any other purpose? Before you plan your travel it is important to know all about the place and be prepared. UAE is a country which is a must visit, however the country is …

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6 Best Travel Destinations for Everyone

Senior travellers are an important niche within the travel industry, and for good reason: they tend to have the time and money to travel to destinations that are out-of-reach for younger travellers. But of course, that doesn’t mean that all travel destinations are fit for seniors. To help inspire your next …

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High-key and Low-key Photography

Both high-key and low-key techniques are used to illuminate a scene / model / object. They tend to serve specific purposes, for example low-key lighting lighting renders a dark and mysterious look to a scene. It can also define shapes, accentuating them. Low-key lighting is also the key to make …

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